Shenzhen Shiyan International School

With 4000 students, Shenzhen Shiyan International School is one of the largest schools in China.  Offering International Fusion, Local Fusion and Local curricula to students aged 3 to 15, and thereafter either the IB Diploma Program or the local gaokao certification, SSYIS is a model school for the whole of the Shenzhen area.

There are 650 children in the local and international fusion kindergartens.

SSYIS is pioneering the Fusion Programs which combine the best elements of the international and Chinese local education curricula.  In addition, SSYIS develops all students’ EQ attributes in a character development program.  SSYIS commits to all elements of Full Circle’s educational philosophy.


Full Circle Fusion Kindergartens

Full Circle kindergartens offer an international fusion program to children aged 2 to 6.  The programs are delivered in a full-day, dual-language format, across KG1, KG2 and KG3, with one western and one Chinese teacher in each class.