Full Circle Education Group provides partner schools with a comprehensive range of internationalized educational support services which allow them to develop with confidence within the Full Circle educational philosophy. These services cover the full range of schools from kindergarten to high school and are individually tailored to the needs of partner schools.

Full Circle can provide a comprehensive school management service or consultancy within existing management structures.

Services provided through Head Office will normally include:

  • Education Management

Senior and middle management recruitment and training, and quality control through the appraisal process.

The full range of curriculum and policy documentation.

  • Strategic Planning

The systematic development of the school through comprehensive action planning.

  • Human Resources

Identification of staffing requirements, recruitment and training of high-quality professionals.

  • Finance

Efficient budgetary control and empowerment through shared finance software.

  • Enrichment services

A wide range of summer and winter activities and study programs in Asia and UK.