St Bees Dongguan

At ST BEES DONGGUAN, we are constantly striving to identify the needs of tomorrow’s world, and prepare our students, from ages 15-18, to meet these challenges with confidence. What skills and competencies will our students require for the world of 2032? Most of the jobs they will be doing have not yet been invented. At St Bees, Dongguan we give them the skills to not only achieve, but to excel.


St Bees School Shijiazhuang

Our Vision for St Bees is a student-centered community fostering academic and personal excellence, critical and creative thought and an entrepreneurial spirit, combining international perspectives and Chinese heritage. We educate our students to achieve to their full potential in intellect, character and leadership, with respect and understanding of their Chinese culture, within an International school setting. We say “The best of the west in fusion with the best of the east!”

We will nurture and encourage our students to eventually seek opportunities for higher education in prestigious universities overseas, which will enable them to further develop their potential and achieve their dreams Furthermore; we aim to empower our students to become Ambassadors for China in whatever global setting they will live and work in the future. They will also become role models and support the development of China into an even greater nation with a global, international and entrepreneurial perspective on making change happen with drive and resilience.